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We have a virtual prepaid card that you can use anywhere so you don’t need to carry cash or a credit card around with you. You just load it up and spend the money as needed! We’ve created some types of cards, $5 loaded, $10 loaded, etc., but we also give away free ones in our Telegram channel if this sounds good to you.

What is a Visa Prepaid Card?

You can use visa prepaid cards anywhere you go, for anything. When the balance gets low on your card, just load up some money and carry on with life! These cards are great because they never expire or get declined when someone else tried to make purchases online. The best part about them is that if there’s any leftover cash at the end of each month – it doesn’t disappear into thin air like normal credit/debit cards do!

The Difference Between Prepaid Cards and Debit Cards

A prepaid card is not linked to any bank account. This means that when you use a debit card, the funds are from your personal or business checking account – but with a prepaid credit cards these funds come directly from the company’s balance sheet (sometimes called an “operating reserve”). A person can benefit in many ways by using a paid-up gift certificate instead of cash at checkout counters for such things as groceries, retail purchases and more.

Difference between Visa Prepaid Cards and Credit Cards

The Visa prepaid card is different from a credit card. It’s not linked to any bank account, meaning it can be used anywhere without the need of an internet connection or even cash. And while using one may seem like less than ideal because you have to buy minutes for talk time instead of just getting them monthly with your cell phone plan, there are also benefits that should be considered! For instance: they’re cheaper and safer when traveling abroad in countries who don’t accept American Express cards (or other international brands). Overall the visa prepaid card has its perks- we think it might become more popular among millennials sooner rather then later!

You have complete control over the funds on your prepaid card and, unlike some credit cards, you can’t borrow money from them.

Difference between Visa Prepaid Cards and Gift Cards

Prepaid cards and gift cards seem to be similar as you have to add some amount to the card before starting using the card in both cases. But there are significant differences too.


The first difference is the way you use the money. Gift cards are meant to present people so that they can buy what they want. So, these are only spending cards.


You’ll have to spend the money on buying something. On the other hand, prepaid cards are not only for spending money. You can withdraw money from the card using ATM, bank, or even is some retail shops.


Also, you can reload visa prepaid cards. But, reloading gift cards is not possible.


The cards discussed above are some means of payment. Those all are cards, but each has significant characteristics that have made the cards different from each other. Virtual Credit Cards are not physical cards. These are 16-digit card numbers that are-preloaded and used to make payment to specific platforms. For example- Amazon VCCs are for only making small payments to Amazon, PayPal VCCs are used to make payments to PayPal, etc. Besides Amazon and PayPal, you’ll see VCCs for many other platforms, including eBay, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Skrill, etc.


These cards are called credit cards but these are actually pre-loaded debit cards, having a little amount of money in it. These are mainly used for verification. That’s why these are generally not reloadable or rechargeable. There are some reloadable VCCs too. Also, VCCs have a specific expiry date, after which you can’t use it anymore.

You can get VCCs from different websites. The sellers of VCC share a 16 digit card number and a PIN number with you after you place an order. For this, you’ll have to pay the amount inside the card and a small amount as a charge. You can use the card number at the time of making payment to that specific website.


Here on this website, you’ll find a wide range of VCCs. If you need one, contact us. We provide 100% safe and authentic virtual credit cards at a low cost. You name the card, and we are ready with it.